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Yes, these are trying times, especially now during the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent Lockdown. There is therefore absolute need to observe the gazetted preventive measures and to save lives. However, corona or no corona, the living still need to continue to learn. SPC has introduced a robust online teaching and learning system that is dynamic and interactive. Other than being in an era of Corona virus pandemic and its restrictions, online learning has been rapidly growing globally.  Statistically, online degrees, online modules and online studying all over the world is growing much faster than on-campus learning. In SA, there are more than 27 Programmes which are offered on line by some of the most reputable universities and colleges. Globally, even some of the Ivy League Universities offer On Line qualifications at various level. 

 Although Online Teaching and Learning has a myriad of pros and cons, it cannot be disputed that it gives;

Flexible Learning – Meaning you can still live your life.  Here’s the magic of distance online learning – you can weave in an entire course between raising children, holding a full time job, caring for a covid-19 patient, an elderly parent or any home-based care chronic patient, while you are in the comfort of your home. For me, my reason for wanting flexibility may sound very trivial but it is very important for my lifestyle.

Time – You have both more time to think or do your work unlike in a lecture or on-campus learning. It saves a lot of time and furthermore, in the comfort of your home you can learn at your own pace. 

Social Distancing – Not only is this an advantage in the era of Covid-19 pandemic, but you can also choose to be anonymous – meaning sometimes you can gain confidence in posting your thoughts online unlike in lecture rooms where other learners may laugh, discourage, ridicule or worse still jeer at your contribution(s). So online you can control how much information even about yourself that you can give away.

Online learning is increasingly becoming integrated with mobile technologies – so you can do your course while sitting in a public place or on transit. The tyranny of distance is increasingly being decreased. Unlike having to attend group seminars and attendance may even be compromised. This will certainly develop your digital skills, as online learning involves a lot of user facilities like Google Docs, Canvas, Webinars, Group Wikis, Forums and various other upcoming applications that are user friendly on the globe.

All the possible disadvantages of online teaching and learning can be managed and ultimately the advantages outweigh all the possible disadvantages.

In this initiative, SPC lecturers, interact with their BEDPSH and PGDE students through online sessions. The lectures take many forms, some being notes, videos, slides and or Power Point presentations. Lecturers also include assignments in their subject areas. Thus, these online sessions ensure a comprehensive coverage of the syllabi of various disciplines. The lines of communication between lecturers and the students are open 24/7. Thanks to technology.

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