The SRC shall comprise of the following portfolios:

1.1 Executive portfolios:

  1. The President
  2. The Deputy President
  3. The Secretary-General
  4. The Deputy Secretary-General
  5. The Secretary for Finance

1.2 SRC Non-Executive portfolio(s)

  1. The Secretary for Internal Affairs
  2. The Secretary for External Affairs
  3. The Secretary for Information and Publicity
  4. The Secretary for Recreation
  5. The Secretary for Community Development and Gender Affairs

1.3 SRC Sub-Committees Representatives

  1. The Representative for Academic Affairs
  2. The Representative for Sports and Culture
  3. The Representative for Student Accommodation
1.4 Requirements:
-Student should be in their second; third or fourth year by the following year
-Average of 65% in all modules
-No criminal record
1.5 Skills:
-Excellent communication skills
-Emotional intelligence