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Quality Education
To offer an effective and quality teacher education which meet the needs of Namibia and beyond.
Teacher Development
Develop an active, adaptive and professional teacher who is able to balance classroom activities and research.
Science and Technology
Produce a teacher who is both scientifically and technologically empowered for socio-economic transformation.


Global trends demand that higher education institutions have a pivotal role. They become not only key players in the production of knowledge and provision of  technical solutions to economic, social and political challenges of our time, but also partners in “Triple Helix” relationships where they work with governments and industry in driving the implementation of sustainable development goals. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number four for Namibia stipulates the need to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education which promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all. In line with this goal, the Namibian government subsidized education heavily, resulting in increased enrolments in schools that call for a greater number of qualified teachers. This, together with the need to replace retired teachers, attrition and the demand for continuing education, requires tailored programmes that provide the desired quality teachers and an opportunity for professional development READ MORE

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